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Memorial Items in Binghamton, NY

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Aegis Cremation & Funeral Services in Binghamton, NY offers a variety of memorial items and keepsakes for you to cherish the memories you’ve built with your loved one for years to come. We’ve created countless numbers of memorial keepsakes, including pendants, urns, rosaries, crucifixes and many other items, for customers throughout Broome and Tioga Counties in NY and Susquehanna County in PA, including Binghamton, Johnson City, Vestal, Endicott, Endwell, Montrose, Forest City and the surrounding cities for over 27 years.

When you’ve experienced a major loss, it’s understandable to want something material to hold so you can feel the bond you had with your loved one. That’s why we’re dedicated to offering you beautifully handcrafted memorial items and keepsakes so you can feel like they’re with you at all times. Our staff will work with you to custom create a keepsake that will last for years to come. We have many different kinds of items and keepsakes available in many different styles and price ranges. Whether you want something to display in your home or something to keep with you at all times, our staff will help you find the best option to keep your loved one’s memories with you always.

We offer:

Register books • Memorial folders & prayer cards • Acknowledgement cards • Crucifixes & rosaries • Pendants • Rings • Pins • Earrings • Bracelets • Beads • Accessories & menswear collections • Keepsake add-ons • Urns

Keepsakes That Tell Stories

Stainless Steel Pendants - SS Tear - SS Life Journey - SS Slim Cylinder

We now offer keepsakes that are created by imprinting your dearly departed’s fingerprint in precious metal that you can wear or carry with you. These pieces are beautifully handcrafted and personalized to your tastes. Once the print is created, you can further customize it by selecting the metal, picking a print style, adding accessories (like chains, cords or gemstones) and adding an engraving. We offer keepsakes in a variety of styles and price points so you’ll be sure to find something you love that fits your budget.

Quality Keepsakes
Connecting you to the ones you love
Handcrafted by artisans in the USA

Why Keepsakes?

You and your family have just come to face with a major loss. How do you deal with that? How do you get through this flood of emotions?

Unfortunately, there are no easy answers to those questions. After over 19 years in business and learning how to cope with the loss of many of our own loved ones, what we have come to know is that in the months and years to follow, we have this overwhelming need to hold onto something tangible- something that belonged uniquely to the ones we lost.

Imagine touching the fingerprint of the hand you held. Imagine knowing that a bit of your loved one remains with you, always close at heart. Memories surface and we connect with those we have loved – yesterday, today, and always.

Meadow Hill’s handcrafted keepsakes spark stories and memories that warm the heart and ignite the spirit. The simple touch of your memorializaton keepsake helps keep the connection intact, bridging time and space.

What do we Offer?

Phoenix Collection - Thumbies & Buddies

No two prints are alike. Meadow Hills lost wax casting process preserves the intricate detail present in each print- the ridge and valley patterns, the starts and stops, and the life lines. Capturing these details is what sets Meadow Hill’s keepsakes apart.

From rings, pins, and pendants to pocket knives and cuff links, there is a Meadow Hills keepsake for everyone within our Thumbies Fingerprint Keepsakes, Buddies Pet Keepsakes, or Phoenix Collection or Cremation Keepsakes.

You want to preserve your loved one’s print in the highest quality metal, which is why we use precious metals- .925 Sterling Silver, 14k White or Yellow Gold. Some select styles come in Noble Bronze ™, our proprietary metal formula with a hypo-allergenic coating. Engraving is included with almost all of our styles, allowing to truly personalize your cherished keepsake.

Thumbie & Buddie Step Chart

Stay Connected with a Custom Keepsake

The simple touch of one of our keepsakes connects us to the people, pets, and passions we love. From a two-dimensional ink or scanned print, Meadow Hill’s artisans create a three-dimensional wax mold that is then cast in precious metal using the ancient art of lost-wax casting. Polished and engraved, these one-of-a-kind keepsakes keep us coming back to the stories that connects us!

Meadow Hill offers a wide range of custom keepsakes. Whether worn or carried, these keepsakes help us remember those we love.

What Matters Most

We believe in integrity, compassion, quality and most importantly- people. Keeping people connected is how our business got started and what continues to make us so passionate about our keepsakes.

Our team wants you to be fully satisfied with your purchase, as we understand how much this means to you. This commitment to your satisfaction includes workmanship, metals, engraving, and our customer service.

To ask about our current offering of memorial items and keepsakes, call 607-729-5520 or visit